Let’s Go See the Autumn Leaves! Sogenji Temple and Mount Misaoyama


When you talk about autumn, it has to be the autumn leaves! It’s finally autumn leaves season so I thought I should go somewhere to see them. I decided to go to the historic Sogenji Temple in Okayama City to try to see them.


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The best time to see the autumn colors changes every year but is usually around mid to late November, so choosing a time to see them can be difficult. This time, I went a little too early, but I was still able to see some beautiful fall colors.


It took about 25 minutes by bus to get to Sogenji.


3 TempleFrontGate


After you pass through the main gate, you are greeted by the sight of autumn leaves and the magnificent triple gate that leads to the temple.


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After passing through the triple gate I was able to see the beautiful autumn leaves, still in the process of changing, and the main temple. It was very beautiful.


Adorned on the temple was a very impressive detailed carving of a dragon.


5 TempleWoodwork


In the back corner of Sogenji is one of the hiking trails that leads to Misaoyama. Climbing up that trail led to a grand three-storied pagoda.


6 MountainPagoda



7 MountainShrine


While continuing along the trail, there were many other trails branching off that you could take. Walking along, I came across a small shrine, many ancient burial mounds, and even a lovely view of Okayama City to look out over.


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9 MountainView2


Along the way, I also went to the Misaoyamakoen-Satoyama Center. There, they had information about the various animals local to the area on display.


10 CenterInside


After I had my fill of exploring, I descended the mountain and went home, satisfied with being able to experience such a natural place like this within Okayama City.


Sogenji Temple

Admission Fee:   Free

Access:    About 20 minutes from JR Okayama Station to the Sogenji bus stop, taking the Ryobi Bus bound for Saidaiji.

From the Sogenji bus stop, walk for about 5 minutes.

Total: About 25 minutes




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