From Shimotsui Shipping Agent Museum To Seto Bridge 2



Exiting the main building, you will come to the collection room. Many items used in the past are on display here.




Out of the collection room, this is the information hall. Here you can discover the story of  how Shimotsui prospered.




On the second floor of the information hall, there are several models that recreate scenes of past prosperity. Notice the moving characters?




Out of the information hall is a museum shop, where a wide variety of products are available for purchase. Notably, dried octopus is a specialty of Shimotsui. If interested, why not buy and savor this local delicacy.




After leaving the museum, I strolled through the old townscape. Although the prosperous days of the past have faded, it still offers the feeling of stepping back in time.





I have now arrived at the nearby Shimotsui Port, where many fishing boats are docked.




Leaving the port, this is Tanoura Park. Here you can see Seto Ohashi Bridge nearby. Looking up from below, it is an impressive sight isn’t it?




At last, I reached the Washuzan Observation Deck. Today’s report concludes with a view at the magnificent Seto Ohashi Bridge. Although I had hoped to see the sunset here, the cloudy weather prevented it. Nonetheless this is a recommended spot where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on a clear day.




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