A new era of Okayama Castle Okayama Castle reopened on November 3,2022.


Okayama Castle is in Okayama City, which was the location of Okayama hancho (the headquarters of a feudal domain) in the Edo era. Because the outer walls of the castle are black, Okayama Castle is known as “Ujo (crow castle)” or Kin-ujo (golden black castle). It is also designated as a national historic site.


Okayama Castle was built in the Nanboku-cho Era (1346-1369), through the Edo era and the Meiji era to the present day. Starting with reconstruction in the Showa era, the castle underwent renovations in the Heisei and Reiwa era.




On the day of the reopening after major renovations, on November 3, 2022, many people visited the castle. I saw the celebratory firing in the crowd. I was fascinated by the excitement of tourists and the powerful performance while I was watching the firing. “Fantastic, Okayama! It’s important to people in Okayama”, I was impressed.




The castle tower is a 6-story floors with one basement floor (The entrance is on the first basement floor). The theme of the first floor is “Sengoku (Warring States) picture stroll”. You can watch a projection video about the Sengoku period.




The theme of the second floor is “Ikeda Mitsumasa and Tsunamasa~Okayama in the Edo era~”. You can experience riding in the feudal lord’s palanquin. Palanquins were one of means of transportation and there were different kinds of palanquins depending on the social class. How about taking a commemorative photo here?




The theme of the third floor is “the battle of Sekigahara”. The armor of Ikeda Tsunamasa is on display.




The theme of the fourth floor is “to the center stage of Sengoku period”. The pictures of the walls are vibrant, colorful, and attractive.




The theme of the fifth floor is “the castle town leading to now”. You can see a golden shachihoko (imaginary fish) on the castle. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it?




You can enjoy the surrounding view of the Kato (bell-shaped) window on the top (sixth) floor.




I can’t tell the charm of Okayama Castle easily. When visiting the castle, you’ll discover much more charms of Okayama Castle.



(Illumination events are held every spring, summer, and autumn).


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