“GREENable HIRUZEN” surrounded by Hiruzen Kogen Center and Nature



I visited Hiruzen Kogen Center located in the north part of Okayama prefecture. Although Hiruzen Kogen Center is quite far from Okayama, you can get there by bus even if you do not have a car.


From Okayama train station, you can take the bus to Chugoku Katsuyama Station, transfer to the community bus called “Maniwa-Kun”, then step out of the bus at Hilzen Kogen Center.




I have arrived at Hiruzen Kogen Center. Surrounded by castle-like buildings of nature and the adjacent amusement park “Joyful Park”, just looking at them brings enjoyment to my heart.





A variety of souvenirs and original goods are sold at Hilzen Kogen Center. If you go there and take a quick look around before you leave, you will be able to purchase some delicious foods and wonderful souvenirs.




Hiruzen Kogen Center also holds a restaurant in the back of the center and they serve a variety of delicious meals. It would be a good idea to take a short rest here b\efore going to Joyful Park or Hiruzen Kogen area.





When visiting Hiruzen Kogen, you must try their special food, lamb barbecue called

“Genghis Khan” and Hiruzen fried noodles. The taste of their fried noodles are

nothing like the ones you eat from other regions and it might become your favorite one!




Across the street from the Hiruzen Kogen Center, there is a building called GREENable HIRUZEN. It is designed to maximize the beauty of the wood grain called “Wind Leaves”.






Why not take a lot of pictures and show your friends how wonderful the of Japanese buildings are?


Reporter: Garfield

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