Inujima Island-Inujima Ticket Center and Lunch-


Good morning, everyone. I’m Cho.


This time, I went to “Inujima Island”, an artistic island in Okayama. It’s an island full of art and about 3 km from Hoden Port in Okayama City. It takes about 10 minutes from Hoden Port to the island by passenger boat. The circumference is about 4 km, it’s a very small island because you can walk around it for about an hour. I’d recommend this island to those who like the sea and are interested in art!!!


  • Access to Inujima Island

Take a train from Okayama Sta. to Saidaiji Sta. (Ako Line). (About 20 min , Train fare : 240 yen)

⇒Take a bus from Saidaiji Sta. to Nishi-Hoden bus stop. (About 30 min, bus fare: 500 yen)

⇒Walk to Hoden Port (3 min) and take a passenger boat to Inujima (About 10 min).

Passenger boat fare: 400 yen for adult / 200 yen for child (※cars are not admitted)

▲Please note that there are few buses and passenger boats.


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The ticket center is right there when you arrive at the island.


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You can get all information about Inujima Island there.


You purchase a combined ticket for Inujima Seirensho Art Museum and Inujima “Art House Project”.


  • admission:2100yen (Inujima Seirensho Art Museum and Inujima “Art House Project”)


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The ticket is artistic.


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The gift shop is in the ticket center. There are a lot of artistic goods.

How about buying artistic postcards for memories of your trip in Inujima Island?


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Inujima Ticket Center Cafe is in the back of the ticket center.


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When coming back to the port after art hopping in Inujima, you can have a break here.


Light meals and sweets. You can enjoy them while you wait for a passenger boat. Looking at the sea, you can also eat Taimeshi (rice with sea bream from Seto Inland Sea).


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Taimeshi and Dessert Set:1500 yen


This is a piece of no-bake cheesecake with jam using citrus produced in Inujima. It had a fresh taste. Please try this delicious cake when you visit Inujima.


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