Inujima Island—strolling around Inujima


When you visit Inujima Island,”Inujima Seirensho Art Museum” is a must-see. The museum preserves and repurposes the remains of a copper refinery.The museum was built, based on the concept of “using what exists to create what is to be”. The roads are maintained, but there are many stairs, so you should wear comfortable shoes.




This existing smokestack is used in the facility and really beautiful.




You can refresh yourself, looking at the sea from above!




The walls of blast furnace ruins will make you feel the history.






I’m so happy that I can take stylish and picturesque pictures.


Looking at the view that trees are growing thickly around the remains of decaying bricks, I feel as if I was in another world.




The popular sightseeing spot in Inujima Island is not only “Inujima Seirensho Art Museum”. Inujima “Art House Project” was launched, wish for “allowing people to experience the beautiful landscape of everyday life and the familiar natural environments beyond the artworks”. In 2020, galleries were first opened on the island.






Personally, my favorite artwork is this one. It’s very fashionable and beautiful.


Finally, I’d like to introduce “Inujima Doghouse Project” by a plastic artist Ryuzo Kawano, apart from “Art House Project”. It took about 2 years to build this artwork. The island dog in Inujima much bigger and cuter than in the photo.




I like the decaying brick doghouse.


The atmosphere of the whole island is really good, so my recommendation is “Inujima whole island”.

You must visit the island someday!


Writer: 張琦玟

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