A summer resort in Okayama Prefecture-Hiruzen Jersey Land-the production area of Jersey cows ②


When going further on the path, I saw a sign of Hiruzen Horse Park. You can meet famous race horses such as GⅠand GⅡ at the horse park. You can also feed ponies and ride cute horses.




The sign of the menu of horseback riding. A cup of carrots for feeding is 100 yen.




Because I can’t ride a horse, I took a picture of a person who was experiencing riding a horse.




When I returned from the horse park, there was a cattle ranch in the northeast of a field of sunflowers. You can see a few Jersey cows on the back of the ranch. The cute art object of a calf is a photo spot. In combination of the blue sky, green mountains, the ranch and humans, you’ll definitely take a lot of nice photos.




If you’re not good at taking photos, you’ll be able to take great photos with the beautifully soothing scenery.




I was tired after strolling around. There are a shop and a restaurant at Hiruzen Jersey Land near the Jersey cattle ranch.




The shop sells various souvenirs. The best recommendation is Milk & Cheese Langue de chat used 100 % Hiruzen Jersey milk. Why don’t you get it for your loved one?




I finished all of the interviews. Let’s go home with full of energy after drinking Hiruzen Jersey milk and Café au lait.





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