Kibitsuhiko Shrine Famous for the Momotaro Legend
Taking the Kibi-Roman Free Circulating Bus – Part 2


The shrine is dedicated to Okibitsuhiko-no-mikoto, who is said to be a model of the Momotaro  (the boy born from a peach) legend of Okayama, as expected its Emais cute being in a peach shape. 


※Ema is a wooden board, on which people write their wish.




Many of their fortune slips and lucky charms are so cute, linking to the Momotaro legend, and you would probably like to hold one in your hand right away.



They have a statue of Momotaro accompanied by a dog, a monkey and a pheasant.



The final place I would like to introduce is a coffee shop next to the approach to Kibitsuhiko Shrine. Due to the coronavirus, the seats inside the shop were not available, so I ate outside, taking a seat on the bench.



What I had this time was Akahime-mochi, a kind of rice cake (200 yen per piece).



They toast mochi and dumplings after ordering, and serve them. The hot mochi topped with sweet soy sauce was not too sweet, not too hot but was indeed delicious. I would definitely like to stop by again when visiting Kibitsuhiko Shrine.


The shrine is associated with the Momotaro legend and enshrines models of characters in the legend. It might be fun to think about the legend while looking around there.


I would like to end this coverage of Kibitsuhiko Shrine now. I recommend visiting this place to anyone who is interested in the “Legend of Momotaro!



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