Kibi Dango – Millet Dumplings –

Kibi Dango

When you stop by a souvenir shop in Okayama Station, one of the first things you will see is a Japanese snack called kibi dango.

Kibi dango, or millet dumpling, is from a famous Japanese folktale called Momotaro. In the story, kibi dango were made for Momotaro by his grandmother when he leaves home to defeat beastly ogres.

Kibi dango is a small round rice cake that is made with rice flour and sugar. Its shape and soft texture reminds you of a marshmallow. Because of the jelly-like chewiness, it is very popular amongst children.


You can find Kibi dango in the Hare-no-kuni Okayama kan, souvenir shops at Okayama Station and Okayama Airport.

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