Famous jeans production area – Kojima Jeans Street walk


Kojima Jeans Street is Japanese famous jeans production area located in Ajino 2-chome, about 20 minutes on foot from JR Kojima Station. Many jeans brand factories and outlets are here, as you can buy high quality jeans. It is the sacred place for jeans lovers.




The Jeans hanging in the sky are the symbol of the Jeans Street.



Many styles jeans are displayed in jeans shops. You are quite sure to find your favorite one at there.




You can experience indigo dyeing at some workshops on the Jeans Street.




The public toilets on the Jeans Street are decorated with jeans patterns, and inside are also full of jeans patterns.




I found a shrine while walking!

This shrine watches over the prosperity of the Jeans Street.




There is also another tourist attraction on this street – the former Nozaki House. The Nozaki Family Historic Residence has a Japanese style garden called “Karesansui” built in the late Edo period, and the history of the Nozaki family’s salt industry is exhibited. It is recognized as a nationally designated important cultural property.


・Open hours  9:00~16:30 (Closed on Mondays)

・Admission fee 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary and junior high school students,

・Free parking for 36 cars




Welcome to Kojima Jeans Street.




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