Kibitsuhiko Shrine Famous for the Momotaro Legend
Taking the Kibi-Roman Free Circulating Bus – Part 1


I visited Kibitsuhiko Shrine, taking the Kibi-Roman free circulating bus. This was my first time here, and I was surprised to find it much larger and more beautiful than I’d imagined. Since it was so breathtaking, I felt I should have come earlier, so I would like to introduce Kibitsuhiko Shrine to everyone this time.


When it comes to Okayama city, it is famous for Momotaro, a boy born from a peach. Do you happen to know the “Legend of Momotaro”?


The Kibi-Roman free circle bus is a charge-free, circulating bus service which departs from the JR Okayama station, Athletic Park Exit (West Exit). It circles nine spots including Tsukuriyama Ancient Tomb in Kita-ward, which comprises Japanese Heritage “Okayama, the birthplace of the Momotaro legend” and Kibitsuhiko Shrine. I hope that those interested in the legend will take the Kibi-Roman free circulating bus and find the attractiveness of Kibiji area, which is glittering with history.


◉ Period of Operation:  July 16, 2022 to September 25, 2022 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

◉ Stops:  Kibitsuhiko Shrine △ Kibitsu Shrine △ Bicchu Takamatsu Castle-Site Park △ Saijo-inari

Temple △ Ryusenji Temple △ Jinya-machi Ashimori △ Sun-road Kibiji △ Bicchu Kokubunji Temple / Koumoriduka  Archeological Site △ Tsukuriyama Ancient Tomb

◉ Service Frequency: Eight times a day, running from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. going both direction.

◉ No reservation required.

◉ Able to board and disembark freely at each stop.




I visited Kibitsuhiko Shrine this time. Kibitsuhiko Shrine is located in Ichinomiya, Bizen province. The main shrine, dedicated to Okibitsuhiko-no-mikoto, the model for Momotaro, was rebuilt in 1697 by the head of the Okayama Domain, Tsunamasa Ikeda, and is designated as an important cultural property of Okayama prefecture.





Although the shrine was not fancy, it had a calm atmosphere, quaint and awesome.





Reporter: Cho Kibun

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