My first onsen experience ~“Setouchi Onsen Tamanoyu”facing the islands~

Setouchi Onsen Tamanoyu


It takes about 10 minutes from Uno Station to Tamanoyu on foot. This is the entrance of

the famous art festival, Setouchi Triennale in 2022 and faces the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.



After exiting through the ticket gate at Uno Station, there is Tamano Tourist Information Center. They offer sightseeing information about Tamano City and sell local specialties of Setouchi areas. Before leaving, why don’t you buy souvenirs for your friends and family?



I got to Tamanoyu from Uno Station after a ten-minute walk.



Now, let’s go inside.



After entering through the gate, you’ll see the sign ”Tamanoyu” and there is the entrance on your right.



When going inside, there is a shoe rack right in front of you. Put your shoes in there and bring your key to the reception. The bathing fee is 1,600 yen (for weekdays) or 1,900 yen (for weekends and national holidays), but you pay the fee after bathing.


You get a key band with a number at the reception. The number is the same as the number of your locker in the dressing room, so please keep it safe. Take your all of your clothes, wash yourself and get into the bath.


I was really surprised at the heat when I got into the hot spring bath for the first time, but I could relax. Here, I could experience various things such as a sauna and a massage as well as the hot spring. When I took a large open-air bath looking at stars at dawn, I heard a ship departing from the Uno Port near Tamanoyu and it was a quaint atmosphere. You’ll feel refreshed after you get out of the bath and drink milk.


Writer: Garfield

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