SALT Ishikawa shokudo


This restaurant is located across the street on the west side of the Okayama Prefectural Library.
SALT石川食堂1 (002) SALT石川食堂2 (002)
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of customers visit here to relish its wonderful taste.
It is also providing take-out services.

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Not only are they healthy, they are delicious dishes that make use of the original taste of the best carefully selected ingredients. (Of course, no artificial seasonings are added.)
Especially, the steamed brown rice cooked in a pressure cooker is superb.

You may wonder health-conscious foods are bland and less-oily. But it is not correct.

You will taste the highest quality ingredients while experiencing comfort through food you never imagined.
Don’t worry, deep-fried menus are also available.

Curry and rice is one of the recommended menu which brings out the full flavor of fresh local vegetables and sent of spices served with the steamed brown rice.
Selections of organic wines and additive-free wines attract you as well.

SALT石川食堂5 (002)
The owner is very friendly and entertain the guests in a relaxed atmosphere at the kitchen counter.
It is open until 21:00 on weekdays so that you can drop in until late.

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