Korakuen and Okayama castle summer illumination event


With the cancellation of mostly all of the summer festivals this year due to the prevention of the spread of the covid-19, there are still a few options available for you to enjoy the summer nights in Okayama. The Korakuen garden and Okayama castle are still an option if you want to dress in a yukata and enjoy taking pictures with your friends and family during its summer illumination event.
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This year’s decoration consists on some colorful orbs distributed throughout the garden. If you arrive to the garden before sunset, you will be able to experience its transformation: from a traditional Japanese garden, to a fantasy garden giving away some romantic vibes under the moonlight.
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As you keep walking through the garden, you will reach a small tunnel that will let you enjoy the sound of some wind chime bells (decorated by students from the local schools, which contain their written wishes for the future). With the faint breeze of Okayama’s summer nights, they produce a beautiful melody that helps you to relax in the dream-like atmosphere of the garden.

Walking through the garden is a very relaxing experience, but if you reach the top of the mound in the center of the garden, you will be able to have a fantastic bird-view of the illuminated garden and enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.
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If you get hungry and need some rest, the beer garden is perfect stop. In there, you can sit and relax, while drinking some craft beer or cocktails and savoring some of Okayama’s local gastronomy and sweets. But you’d better have a reservation beforehand or you might have to wait to enter after sunset!!

After leaving the Korakuen garden, one must not forget to head to Okayama castle. On our way there, we were lucky to see some colorful kayaks while crossing the bridge that communicates Korakuen garden and Okayama castle, thus contributing to the magical atmosphere of the night.


This year, to avoid the spread of the virus, the entrance is on the opposite side of the river. To accompany you on your way, the walls of the castle are illuminated with colorful lights displaying all the tones of the rainbow. The castle garden is further illuminated with paper lanterns, colorful candles and paper umbrellas for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Japan’s traditional style.

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