Okayama Shrine


On the way to Kourakuen from Okayama station, you can see Okayama shrine, designated as Okayama City’s important cultural properties.
祭りの様子 神社写真2
This is a small shrine, which you can see just across the street in front of Prefectural Museum of Art. It is small, but proud of its long history of about 1150 years.
The shrine often holds small events, and when I visited, there was a flea market called “Nomi-no Ichi” of the spring being held.
イベント知らせ3 イベント知らせ4
This flea market has a rather special tone, providing a quiet and inconspicuous atmosphere due to the nature of the venue. It dealt with organic foods, antique-like products, old-style Japanese toys, stationaries, pretty plants such as cactuses, and handmade goods for babies. And hot coffee, Pork and vegetable soup, tea and some bread were also available.
オーガニック1 オーガニック2 オーガニック3 オーガニック4 オーガニック5 オーガニック6 玩具 玩具2 おもちゃ (624x316) - コピー ゲーム
And it was so nice having happened to see an owl.
ふくろ写真1 ふくろ写真2
I would like to suggest you stop in at Okayama Shrine on the way to Okayama castle or Kourakuen, and fully enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese shrines.

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