Kabaya cherry blossom festival


 Kabaya Food Corporation was founded in 1946, and is one of those that Okayama is proud of.
It is located at about 30-minute drive from Okayama city.
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They hold the Sakura festival every April.
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On entering the courtyard of the Kabaya Foods Headquarters, the venue of the festival, I was given as presents the “Ramune,” which are fizzy candies and one of the representatives of Japanese candies, and free ice-cream. It was fun to walk through the entrance with these enjoyable sweets on hands.
Some games are prepared to be played only at the cost of 50 or 100 yen, and Kabaya-brand sweets were also provided. The “grab bag” filled with sweets were also sold at low prices.
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Inside the factories, the visitor can make tessellated ornaments in the workshop.
I was able to look back the Kabaya’s history from its foundation dating back more than 80 years.
Moreover, I observed the actual production process of their candies and fizzy candies, which were really interesting and enjoyable.
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Opportunities for the observation tour of the factory are not limited to the time of the festival.
So, if you are interested, please check the information on their Home Page to get an opportunity to enjoy the world of childhood innocence through the factory tour.
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