A summer resort in Okayama Prefecture-Hiruzen Jersey Land-the production area of Jersey cows


Would you like to go somewhere cool on an extremely hot day? This time, I’ll introduce a summer resort in Okayama Prefecture―Hiruzen Jersey Land. Hiruzen Jersey Land is in northern Okayama (Hiruzen-Nakahukuda, Maniwa City) and a leisure facility managed directly by Hiruzen Dairy Cooperative. The scenery is amazing and it’s cool because it is located on Hiruzen Kogen Highlands with full of greenery.




I ate a soft serve ice cream made from rich Jersey milk as soon as I arrived at Jersey Land. I can rarely eat it at other places, so it was really delicious.




After eating the good soft serve ice cream, I went down a path and saw tens and thousands of sunflowers which were in full bloom. I felt as if I had been in the kingdom of sunflowers. I was happy when I could see these sunflowers which are one of the summer features in Japan. Many people were taking pictures there.






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