Kasaoka Bay Farm, where one million sunflowers bloom in summer.


Kasaoka Bay Farm is located in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture which is a roadside station in a corner of the Kasaoka Bay reclaimed land.



*Bus tickets from Kasaoka Station to Kasaoka Bay Farm are sold near the bus stop in front of Kasaoka Station. (One adult ticket: 500 yen / one-day unlimited ride one-day ticket)


In the adjacent area, seasonal flower gardens will appear: sunflowers in summer, cosmos in autumn, and rape blossoms in spring. The adjacent farmland will be filled with seasonal flowers; sunflowers can be enjoyed from mid-July to early August. People around me were posing for commemorative photos with the sunflowers.




You can surely enjoy shopping.



In the early days when I went there, the sunflower fields were still small and few in number, but I was very impressed. It was summer so it was hot, but the sunflowers in the vast area were breathtaking.



My best memory is the sunflower field. I decided to go in the evening because it was seasonally hot, but the last bus was at 5:25 p.m. and I could only play for an hour and a half. So if you’re going by bus, I suggest coming early!



I hope you all make it to Kasaoka Bay Farm by August!



Reporter: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh


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