Ushimado – Ushimado-cho Part 2


Beach in Ushimado

Take the Ryobi bus bound for Oku Train Station from Ushimado, step out of the bus at “Olive Garden Entrance”  and the beach is roughly 15 minutes away.

This is the perfect picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you are able to relax while viewing the ocean.

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Ushimado Shrine

Walking up the 400 or so steps from the torii gate near Ushimado beach, you will reach the main shrine building of Ushimado shrine. The atmosphere of climbing up from the ocean to the shrine is very rich in nature.

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Sabukaze Pottery Museum

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the Sabukaze Pottery Museum in Ushimado. To get there, please take the Ryobi bus bound for Oku Station, and step off of the bus at Otsu (小津). The walking distance to the museum is about 25 minutes.


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I selected one of the courses called “Sabukaze Free Creation Course*” this time.

*Fee: 1,000 yen


I had so much fun kneading the clay, arranging it into the shape I like, and adding stamps and characters to my work.


You can choose what to make, such as plates, bowls, and cups in this course.


Your works will be finished in two to three months, and the completed products will

be delivered to your home (the shipping is paid at your expense). If you wish, you

can also pick them up by yourself at the museum.


I am looking forward to receiving it in a few months.


Let me end this article with a photo of my own work. “Tebineri (handwork)” is an easy challenge even for beginners, so you should go and try it if you are curious about experiencing pottery making!




Reporter: Cho Kibun

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