Uraja Festival 17th


The time had come to show off our hard work through the countless training sessions. Within the burning weather, we (made up of many people from different countries) put in our burning passion into the dance. At first, I thought it would be impossible as I sweated 10 minutes in. But seeing how much fun everyone was having gave me, a person with almost zero experience in dancing, the strength to have fun and dance until the end. But hey, I scored a medal hehehe. Maybe this is my calling? lol Thank you for all the fun times. Rather than wait for next year I hope we can hang out again in the near future.


Not everyone could meet up at the same time for training because we all had our own schedules. So that’s why we would take group photos after each session. Well that’s what I would like to think. Practice was tough. I would watch my teacher’s moves and would try myself to move perfectly but couldn’t get it to meet with the rhythm. It was embarrassing not to mention have so many mistakes and dancing in front of the group. There was only 2 months left until the day and thought can I actually do this? I had always treated music and sports separately and to bring those 2 worlds together was something else. Just listening to the giggles and laughter from the kids having fun would bring a sense of peace to me. Bliss…..


There is only little time before the actual performance. We look like we are in character right? If you look closely you can see that we have face painting and makeup done. Each person has something a little different but we all generally have the “地球人(chikyuujin=people of earth)” and the name of our countries painted on. It was pretty interesting. Clothes we had was a tabi (Japanese shoes), a bell around our necks, and on our back clothing a dragon. It’s pretty cool right? If you hadn’t found out yet, that’s me on the right lol

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