Okayama Korakuen Garden – Garden of Dreams –

Okayama Korakuen Garden

Okayama Korakuen Garden is located at the center of Okayama City, and very easy to access. Its name derives from a poem by a Song Dynasty Poet, Fan Zhongyan, which reads “Be the first to feel concern about the country and the last to enjoy oneself.” The garden is surrounded in lush green, shiny water, and beautiful scenery all around. As you look around, you will also see Okayama Castle that stands nearby. The scene of the garden changes every season and has a beauty that resonates in hearts of all visitors.

Every August, there is a special late-night opening called “Dream Garden.” During this time, the garden is beautifully decorated with numerous lights and candles. In conjunction with the “Dream Garden” there are events such as musical performances and beer garden for guests to enjoy an extraordinary Korakuen. My visit to the Dream Garden was with my family after dusk. We strolled around in the cool breeze and gave feed to the carps in the pond with the kids. We spent a truly wonderful and relaxing time looking at Okayama Castle and the Garden lit in numerous lights. In addition, as a summer time promotion, the admission fee is free if visitors show up in yukata, or summer-time kimono. For next year, I would like to take advantage of this promotion and visit the Dream Garden wearing yukata as a family.




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