RSK Rose Garden – Full romantic atmosphere


Known as a place for viewing flowers all year around, RSK Rose Garden is located in Natsukawa, Kita-ku, Okayama City. The best seasons to appreciate roses are mid-May to mid-June and also mid-October to late November. There are 450 varieties and 15,000 plants of roses here. Each variety has its color, shape, height and size. Charmed by the roses in the garden, many visitors enjoy viewing and photographing. Bees and butterflies are also busy collecting nectar from the roses.



Red roses in full bloom.


A climbing rose, Urara, produces many flashy pink-colored gorgeous flowers repeatedly from spring to autumn. The branches are well put together and the leaves are thick.


A heart with Urara petals, isn’t it lovely?


This yellow Izu Dancer is a French variety. It was named after the novel “The Dancing Girl of Izu” by Yasunori Kawabata to commemorate the friendship between the rose garden “Bagatelle Park” in Paris and its sister park “Kawazu Bagatelle Park” in the city of Kawazu (Shizuoka pref.) on the Izu peninsula.


Unknown roses, but great-looking.


Blue Bayou is a German variety. It is one of the few mauve-colored varieties in the medium size family of roses, and it produces many flowers. Among the existing purple varieties, it has a particularly strong bluish color. The elegant flower color and the flower shape match well.


Take a break at the cafe, in case you get tired.


Here we can not only appreciate the flowers but also purchase them including roses.


Souvenirs are also available. Would you like to offer to someone special?


Opening Hours: 9:30 ~ 17:00 (Admission by 16:30)

Closed: Wednesdays (In case of a holiday, closed on the following day). Note: open everyday April to June and October to November.

Admission Fee: Adults (junior high school students and older) 800 yen; Children (3 years and older) 400 yen




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