An Autumn getaway to the colorful Okayama-Soja city famous for Momotaro legend 1 -Gōkei-


Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying your autumn in Okayama?

Autumn is so beautiful and colorful here.

I went to see the beautiful autumn colors in Soja City this time. My first stop was Gōkei.





I boarded the Hakubi line train Local to Niimi from JR Okayama station. The ticket fare was 590yen. You can either get off the train at JR Sōja station or JR Gōkei station. I got off the train At JR Gōkei. It’s about 30 minutes by taxi from JR Sōja Station or 20 minutes by taxi from JR Gōkei Station. Unfortunately, you can only go from JR Gokei Station to Gokei by taxi or car.





I highly recommend you prepare a picnic basket and take your friends with you. Gōkei is the best place for an autumn picnic. The taxi fare to Gōkei is about 2,500yen. You can split the bill if you go with your friends.





You’ll be amazed by the beautiful nature of Gōkei. You can sit by the river and enjoy your picnic, take photos and relax. Red and yellow leaves are like flowers. The mountains and trees are magnificent and beautiful, and everyone is fascinated by the scenery. You’ll be deeply moved by the autumn of Gōkei.


Writer: Pramudi Munasinghe.

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