My first experience with ceramics!! Bizen City is famous for Bizen Pottery  ~Walking around Imbe and Lunch at Hinase Resort~


In Bizen City, I also visited other stores. This is a store called Tokichi. It is a very stylish store.








Various types of Bizen ware, from tableware for daily use to rare pieces and slightly unique sundries and ornaments, are available at reasonable prices. For example, this cup costs 3,300 yen (including tax).


On October 15 and 16, the Bizen Pottery Festival will be held for the first time in three years. Please come and visit!


The 38th Bizen Pottery Festival(Bizen City Website)


And since I went all the way to Bizen City, I would like to recommend one more place to you.




It is Hinase Port. It is a place where you can talk with friends while looking at the sea surrounded by nature and enjoy the peaceful time. It takes 17 minutes from JR Imbe station to Hinase station, and from there it is a 10-minute walk.






Another 5-minute walk will take you to Villa Stella. Here, you can enjoy BBQ, hot springs, and a cruising experience, which has recently become popular.


I ordered only the 2,000 yen lunch course because I was planning to experience pottery making in the afternoon.


I felt like I was on a trip and was able to look around at the scenery as I slowly took my turn and enjoyed my course of food. Also, seeing all of you enjoying the jet skis was kind of fun for me too! It was like if I had the chance, I would like to try it.






If you all have a chance to visit Hinase Town, please try the various activities.


Reference: Villa Stella



Reporter: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh


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