The entrance of Setouchi Triennale~Beautiful Art Spot in Uno~


This time, I went to Uno, Tamano City, in the south of Okayama. Uno Station is located near Seto Inland Sea. It took about an hour from Okayama Station by train. The round-trip fare is 1,180 yen.


There is a diagonal pillar right in front of the station and many statues of aquatic creatures are on the pillar. I understand the city is close to the sea.




There is “The Statue of Goddess of Love” in clouds of steam after a short walk from Uno Station. The statue has a legend that love will be fulfilled and it became a love spot.



Go straight from the statue and you’ll find the fish shaped “Chinu-the Black Sea Bream of Uno” near the sea. It’s very famous because it was made by using wastes drifted to Setouchi from different places in the world. When looking at this artwork closely, I was impressed that it was made from various things such as empty cans and plastic bottles.



You may see the view that ferries are at anchor at Uno Port next to the station. If you have time, I’d recommend a day trip to Naoshima Island in Seto Inland Sea, where you can enjoy wonderful works of art.




I stopped by Tamano City Library a little bit far from Uno Station.

There are a large reading space and learning room. Various exhibitions were held there.


玉野市立図書館 展覧会


Let’s enjoy Japanese art at innovative art spots around Uno Port.



Writer: Garfield

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