Birthplace of “Japan Red”~the town of Bengala and copper~Bitchu Fukiya  ②

Former Fukiya Elementary School


There’s a souvenir shop. Why don’t you buy something for your loved one?



A Bengala-colored hat. Does it suit me?



Scarfs and clothes dyed in Japan Red. Are the color and patterns cute?



Former Fukiya Elementary School. It was built in 1873. It’s the oldest wooden school building in Okayama. The school reopened on April 21 of this year after preservation and repair work. In combination of the new garden and the old building, the scenery was really breathtaiking.



All the buildings in this town were built 100 years ago. When walking around the town, I feel like I ‘ve slipped back in time to Edo Period.



I visited Fukiya Furusato Village on Sunday, but some shops closed. Although I wanted to tour around the town by cab-behind-engine bus, it suspended due to COVID-19. The bus will operate from July. I’d like to visit again.



Destination : Fukiya Furusato Village

Address : 838-2 Fukiya, Nariwa-town, Takahashi-city, Okayama

Access : It takes about 55 minutes from Bitchu Takahashi Station by bus (get off at the final stop) or by car.

Parking : 85 (including 5 buses)



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