Tokikiri Inari Jinja (shrine)
Kumenan-cho, Okayama, Japan
For lost love and new beginnings

Tokikiri Inari Jinja


The New Year brings in hope for a brighter future.  What better way than to visit a hidden power spot in northern Okayama?


The Tokikiri Inari Jinja shrine is said to turn back time and offer one the opportunity to start anew.


The shrine’s very name toki kiri, meaning to halt or cut time, is an apt remedy for those who have lost love and hope, those who wish to remove traces of unhappy memories, sever ties with an unfortunate past, and refresh and begin again.


tori gates and water cistern

tori gates and water cistern


Though it is the sister jinja or shrine, of the famed Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Tokikiri Inari Jinja is a well-kept secret only a few people know about.


Nestled in the mountains, with clusters of fields and trees around it, one could barely believe that such a shrine could exist in this area.


A rare shrine where one could actually turn back time and gain the chance to love again!


It is also said to give one time to get over failures and bestow courage to rebuild and restore.


sign leading to the shrine


Passing by the nondescript trees, thick plots of farmland and then finally seeing a track revealing numerous red torii gates leading up to the shrine was a delightful find.


a hidden spot

a hidden spot


senbon tori

senbon tori


entering a sacred place

entering a sacred place


These torii gates mark the entrance of the shinto shrine and symbolize entering a sacred space.


Be amazed at the rows of stunning vermillion red gateways, known as senbon torii, a famous feature of inari shrines.


stunning torii gates

stunning torii gates


Tokikiri Inari Jinja - front view

Tokikiri Inari Jinja – front view


Tokikiri Inari Jinja, and the deity fondly nicknamed “Tokiri-sama,” is particularly legendary in healing broken hearts and finding what has been lost – be it persons, feelings, relationships or things.


When wishing for a particular favour or to break the cycle of unhappiness, specify the exact date, time and definite details, and when the request has been granted, return with abura-age (油揚げ) thinly sliced deep-fried tofu / beancurd skin, as a thank-you offering.


shrine premises

shrine premises


Folklore aside, Tokikiri Inari Jinja (shrine) is a beautiful serene spot in the heart of nature, an uninhabited shrine where one could actually heal from the past and believe in starting over again.


Standing in the stillness of it all, one could actually feel the breath of the gods in this power spot.


shrine is free to visit, an attendant is available 3 times a year

shrine is free to visit, an attendant is available 3 times a year


where to hang amulets and petitions

where to hang amulets and petitions


Charms and amulets can be purchased 3 times a year – the 2nd Sunday of March, the 4th Sunday of July, and the 3rd Sunday of November.  Those looking at collecting the “goshuin” or shrine stamp featuring the messenger guide fox and tori gate, can obtain it at Tanjoji Temple down the road, where parking is also available.


It is only fitting that to herald the New Year, one should visit Tokikiri Inari Jinja, together with a stop-over at Tanjoji Temple (the birthplace of the founder of Jodo Buddhism and where wishes come true), as well as a meal with the renowned eggs of Misaki town at Kamecchi Shokudo for luck and prosperity.


Tanjoji Temple

Tanjoji Temple


Tanjoji Station

Tanjoji Station


All three places can be covered in half a day or less, with Tanjoji Temple and Tokikiri Inari Jinja literally neighbours (and walking distance from JR Tanjoji Station), and Kamecchi Shokudo a few stations away.


Even if January 1st (the new year on the Gregorian calendar) has gone past, there are still many opportunities to visit the shrine – any day, any hour, as needed.


The Lunar New Year falls on February 1st this year, and Valentine’s Day (February 14) and White Day (March 14) are not far off. Perfect!


Rediscover Yourself, Turn back Time,

Recover what was Lost

Start Anew


Tokikiri Inari Jinja


panorama view - Tokikiri Inari Jinja

Tokikiri Inari Jinja – panorama view



290 Satoyama, Kumenan-cho, Kume-gun District, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 709-3602




  • 10 minutes on foot from JR Tanjoji Station (JR Tsuyama line)
  • 65 minutes by train from Okayama Station (JR Tsuyama line)


Car / Self-drive

  • 25 minutes from the Tsuyama Interchange (IC) on the Chugoku Expressway
  • 40 minutes from Momotaro International Airport (Okayama) – via Route 53
  • 65 minutes’ drive from Okayama City on Route 53


Hours / Information       

  • shrine is open to visit all day – 24 hours
  • an attendant is present 3 times a year to entertain requests and purchases (amulets, charms, accessories etc.)

2nd Sunday of March, 4th Sunday of July, and 3rd Sunday of November.

  • the shrine stamp / seal can be obtained at the nearby Tanjoji Temple from 9:00 to 17:00
  • parking also available at Tanjoji Temple (walk 8 minutes to Toki kiri Inari Shrine)
  • wintertime is recommended, bring insect repellent in summer


Telephone / Contact details

+81 086-728-4412 /086-728-2134 / 086-728-2111 (Kumenan town tourism – Japanese)

+81 086-728-2102 (Tanjoji Temple – for Tokikiri Inari shrine stamp and other inquiries)


Website (Japanese) (Japanese)


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