Shizutani School


Located in Bizen City, home of Bizen pottery, Shizutani School was built in 1670 by the Okayama Domain, Ikeda Mitsumasa. It was built to provide education for the common people, and considered an oldest school in Japan of the kind.


The well-preserved and imposing structure stands strong even after 340 year, signifying the impressive architectural techniques put into it.


The auditorium is considered a National Treasure, as are other buildings that surround it. Lacquer was painted on the floor, drain system, and roof in order to prevent decaying. Also, a manmade mountain that stands in front of the dorm prevents fire from reaching the auditorium.


Seeing such a wonderful school almost made me believe even I can study with ease if I were a student here.


After seeing the school, I found an intriguing soft serve being sold at a shop nearby; a soy sauce soft serve. I was curious what it would taste like, and gave it a try. The ice cream had an exquisite taste with a blend of soy sauce and wasabi.


I am assured you will have a wonderful time at Shizutani School, where 340 years-long history, knowledge, and beautiful nature harmonize in one place.



8 minutes by car from JR Sanyo Main Line, Yoshinaga Station

15 minutes by car from Bizen Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway



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