One-day Trip at Kasaoka Islands

The small island and shrine.


In 2021, as people followed a state of emergency by the government due to COVID-19, their lifestyles were  limited. Although they can’t go to three Cs places, they can relax in leisurely and tranquil places. The Kasaoka islands are exactly such places.


After checking the departure port, ferry route and operating time in advance, you can depart at any time with your luggage according to your own itenerary. The Sanyo steamship at Sumiyoshi Port in Kasaoka is operating routes to the three famous islands in the Kasaoka Islands―Shiraishi-jima Island, Kitagi-shima Island and Manabe-shima Island. This is the first time to visit. So, let’s tour around the three famous islands in Kasaoka Islands !



Sanyo Kisen’s regular passenger vessels which depart from Sumiyoshi Port.


Take a ferry. There aren’t so many passengers .



Ferry terminal


It took about 40 minutes to get to the first destination―Shiraishi-jima island.



Shiraishi-jima Island Port.


The blue sky, turquoise ocean, green mountains and white ferry.



The ferry


There isn’t public transportation,so you have to walk around the island. Get off the ferry and go to the right along the seashore and you’ll find a stone monument in Setonaikai National Park Shiraishi-jima Island.



The stone monument in Setonaikai National Park Shiraishi-jima Island.


Keep going in the sea breeze. There is a stone monument again. A short poem is engraved and I didn’t know how to read it ,but I felt like a poet.



The stone monument on the roadside.


You can find a small island in the ocean, keeping going the seashore. Interestingly, seeing far away, there is a small shrine on the island. I suppose the deity waches over safety of people who visit and leave the island .



The small island and shrine.


Going further, you’ll find a beach. A few families enjoyed bathing in the sunlight and swimming in the sea in the afternoon.



The beach


The sightseeing at Shiraishi-jima Island finished in the autumn weather and gentle sea breeze. Let’s go to the Kitagi-shima Island.


It took about 15 minutes from Shiraishi-jima Island to Kitagi-shima Island by ferry. Due to a state of emergency in Okayama, many shops like an electric bike rental shop, so I couldn’t go sightseeing there. Just my footprint remained on the small port.



Kitagi-shima Island Port


I went to the last destination―Manabe-shima Island from Kitagi-shima Island. I really looked forward to visiting the island which is called “neco-shima(cat island)” because I like cats.



Manabe -shima Island Port


Walking on the street, the cats were relaxing . were These cats are bathing in the sunlight.



The two cats


Does this cat like to hide?



One cute cat.



A cat under a stone lion.



A brown tabby cat


Time passed quickly. I think people should enjoy this leisurely time in busy days.


I could finish sightseeing with a good feeling,  because the cats made me feel relaxed. On my way home, I saw the mountains mysteriously under the sunset, I felt an afterglow of the wonderful day.



The sunset



Writer: Cherry

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