A Slice of Serenity:Ōhaga-nishi Tanada
Rice Terraces & Red Soba
Misaki-cho, Okayama, Japan

Ohaganishi Rice Terraces

Gaze deep into the pristine mountain landscape hailed as one of Japan’s Top 100 Rice Terraces.


11.Pristine mountain scenery

Pristine mountain scenery


Ōhaga-nishi Tanada (rice terrace), is not only beautiful, it is also one of the largest rice terraces in Japan. It boasts magnificent scenery throughout the year – mirror pools reflecting the sun in spring, beautiful greens in summer, a sea of clouds in autumn and a mystical snow blanket in winter.


7.mountain flowers

mountain flowers


15.rice plants

rice plants


14.rice plants (terrace in the back)

rice plants (terrace in the back)


Situated at an elevation of 400 meters (1,300 feet), spanning an area of 42 hectares, and spread out 360-degrees, be surrounded by the endless beauty of the terraced rice paddies – around 850 of them in fact, with some parts containing as much as 70 – 80 tier steps in a row.


19.terraced steps of rice paddies

terraced steps of rice paddies


There is a driving route as well as a walking tour path for visitors. Photographers (both professional and amateurs) stop by regularly.


21.Welcome board - Ohaganishi Rice Terraces

Welcome board – Ohaganishi Rice Terraces


8.observation route (by car or on foot)

observation route (by car or on foot)


Terrace upon terrace, I was swept away into another world.


10.panoramic view

panoramic view


20.view from the base point

view from the base point


A spectacular view can be enjoyed from any point of the rice paddies. Adorable little figurines perched on a log add to the tranquility and grandness of it all.


12.relaxing on a log

relaxing on a log


6.looking over the horizon

looking over the horizon

18.spectacular scenery in all seasons

spectacular scenery in all seasons


More than just a picture-taking spot, these rice terraces play an important role in food production as well as support the environment and natural ecosystem.


Depending on the season, rice planting experiences, mochi (rice-cake) making, various festivals and mini concerts are held in the area. These activities are not only fun and promote regional products, but also heighten awareness for conservation and deepen exchanges between people in the urban and rural areas.


13.resting and parking area

resting and parking area


Not far off from the rice terraces is Aka Soba Tei, a soba (buckwheat flour) shop offering “red soba” – noodles made with the ruby-colored flowers of the red buckwheat plant cultivated locally.


17.soba shop (Aka Soba Tei)

soba shop (Aka Soba Tei)


3.Aka Soba Tei restaurant

Aka Soba Tei restaurant initiative

eco-farming initiative


Enjoy various types of soba noodles, freshly made by artful masters, paired with rustic vegetables and produce. There is also the chance to experience soba making, hands-on.


1.2 kinds of soba noodles (red soba flower on top)

2 kinds of soba noodles (red soba flower on top)


Tasting the soba noodles at this place made me realize what I had been missing.

The noodles were incredibly light yet springy, the pickles refreshing, the fried side dishes just the right touch of crunchy, the broth savory and sweet. The cups and dishes were Bizen-ware created by potters living in the area. Perfect.



inside the soba shop (bizenware tea cup is made by local potters)


Soba ice cream was the finale. It was quite surprising to discover how something so simple could be so delicious.


16.Soba (buckwheat) ice cream

Soba (buckwheat) ice cream


Coming here was definitely a breath of fresh air and more.


Ōhaga-nishi Tanada – A Slice of Serenity in the Countryside.

 2.A slice of serenity

A slice of serenity


Video – Ohaganishi Rice Terraces




1317 Ohaganishi, Misaki, Kume District, Okayama, Japan 709-3726


Bus / Taxi

20 minutes by taxi from Kamenokō Station (JR Tsuyama line)

30 minutes by bus from Kamenokō Station (JR Tsuyama line)


Car / Self-drive

  • 55 minutes from Momotaro International Airport (Okayama)
  • 70 minutes’ drive from Okayama City on the Chugoku expressway



Hours / Information        

  • Ohaganishi Tanada (rice terraces) is accessible any time/day of the week
  • Aka Soba Tei (restaurant) is open from 11:00 – 15:00

(closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and national holidays)



Telephone / Contact details

+81 086-866-1118 (Misaki Town Tourism)

+81 086-868-0224 (Ohaganishi Rice Terraces)

+81 086-868-0661 (Aka Soba Tei – restaurant)

+81 090-2860-5471 (Misaki Town Rice Terraces Preservation Council) – guides can be arranged



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