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Change your mood with a planetarium

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From my home in Okayama …


Hi, this is Lemon Ly. 🍋


In mid-August this year, when the emergency statement was issued in Okayama, I really wanted to see the planetarium *, so I went to Sci-pia: Science and Humanity Museum for the Future (abbreviated as “Sci-pia” during the rest of the article).


* Planetarium: “A device that shows the movement of celestial bodies on a dome with a projector” (Oxford Languages)


(Photo: Sci-pia: Science and Humanity Museum for the Future)


The third year of university was much busier than I had imagined, and I was always fluttering. There, I saw a planetarium program called “Healing Time-Bali’s Starry Sky” on the website of Sci-pia. As I read the introduction saying that “Recommended for people who want to be healed” and “Healing”, I thought it was the medicine that is necessary for my mind at that time.


On the day of the visit…


Fill out the reception form and purchase a ticket!



(List of ticket prices)


(Planetarium reception form)



At the time of the screening, shooting was prohibited, so I was excited taking pictures before it starts!



(Science Dome)


* Please understand that the article will only refer to my impressions of the content of the screening!


First, there was a mini commentary on the starry sky of the day. It was raining, so it started with an image of raindrops falling from the ceiling of the dome. It was so real that I felt like it was really raining.


Because I had read a book about stars in advance, I could get a grasp of it in some way. However, I forgot it about a month later.


Relaxing music was playing along with the image of the starry sky in Bali, and while taking a deep breath, I felt the space and my heart was very calm. It seems that the neighbor who was stressed at work fell asleep and was able to take a rest.


The program included the phrase “healing time” in its name, which makes me feel calm. Besides,

it also mentioned a popular travel destination in Bali. Therefore, even though I haven’t been to Indonesia, I felt like traveling abroad then ^^

The images are so beautiful that I wanted to go see another planetarium show the following week, especially “Detective Conan Burning Galaxy Railroad”.


Sci-pia has been closed due to the state of emergency, but I would like to have a healing time enjoying planetarium when it opens again.


A quasi-state of emergency was announced following the state of emergency so I suppose that you must be tired of it.

Do you have various worries and anxieties?

I think you are having a hard time, but let’s do our best together waiting Sci-pia and other tourist spots to open again!


I also experienced following activities at Sci-pia!



Sci-pia is located in the same area as the Okayama Prefectural Lifelong Learning Center. The large dome on the right side of the entrance is Sci-pia.



→ If you turn to the right


Let’s go through the learning center on the first floor to the destination Sci-pia. The first floor has a large space and desks where you can study.




(The red arrow indicates the route.)




If you go out the door behind the learning center and go to the right where Sci-pia is located, you will see a staircase like this. Let’s climb immediately.




Lemon Ly has arrived at Sci-pia!


Handmade UV resin accessories

I challenged while waiting for the planetarium to start.

He taught me how to make it while choosing pendants, aurora seeds, and stickers. I was lucky to be able to go in when the place was not very busy.







Well, the world’s only special key holders have been completed ✨




Craft Platombo

Dolphins appeared for the next day’s event!




Dinosaur excavation photo exhibition


A corner where you can learn about dinosaur bones with puzzles



(Name of dinosaur bone)



(Remember the name of the bone in the puzzle)



A lot of materials and explanatory videos are also available!



Reporter: Lemon Ly

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