Hot Springs

Yahata Onsen
Takebe Town, Okayama
A healing hot spring with a delightful view


Yahata Onsen was a delight to discover.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Takebe with a majestic view of the Asahi River, it is indeed a refreshing and relaxing spot.


Yahata Onsen

Yahata Onsen – view from the road


30.Yahata Onsen

Yahata Onsen


1.Display of Okayama crafts

Display of Okayama crafts




With separate facilities for men and women, one can choose from the communal bath, open-air pool, sauna or the indoor bath which overlooks the sky and stars – gorgeous!


entrance to the onsen (male-female)

entrance to the onsen (male-female)


17.Private Bath Exclusive for 1 group

Private Bath Exclusive for 1 group


8.Inside the onsen

Inside the onsen


28.Washing area

Washing area





Family-style bath

Family-style bath


7.Great for families

Great for families


There is also a private family-style bath with spring water straight from the source.

22.Spring Water fresh from source

Spring water fresh from source


I thoroughly enjoyed the foot bath outside while listening to the gentle waves rolling by the Asahi river.

6.Foot Bath - front view

Foot Bath


Video -Foot Bath


A vending machine inside the onsen hot spring carrying bottled milk brought back nostalgic memories of my childhood where the milkman would come by delivering fresh milk in glass bottles.


I think the milk tastes more delicious this way (good things come in glass) ^_^


12.Milk vending machine

Milk vending machine


After soaking in this onsen hot spring, I felt my muscles relax and the stress melt away. Having milk in a bottle afterwards made for a perfect day.

milk in glass bottles

Milk in glass bottles


11.Massage chair overlooking the garden

Massage chair overlooking the garden



Yahata Onsen has a restaurant that serves meals daily, using fresh ingredients sourced from around the area. The dining room offers an impressive view of Takebe town, with the mountains and the Asahi river completing the backdrop.



14.Onsen (left) + Asahi River view

Onsen(Left) + Asahi River View


Every now and then, the train headed for Tsuyama can be seen on the railway tracks crossing the river, its bright red finish a striking and marvelous display.



A shop inside the hot spring complex offers visitors the chance to sample local delicacies (try Takebe yogurt, hand-roasted coffee, jam, miso and honey) as well as Takebe Yahata Onsen beer.

19.Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop


20.Souvenirs-Local Delicacies

Souvenirs-Local Delicacies


9.Items inside the shop

Items inside the shop


26.Takebe Yogurt - Peach, Muscat Grape, Original

Takebe Yogurt – Peach, Muscat Grape, Original


27.Takebe yogurt

Takebe yogurt


24.Takebe Beer

Takebe Beer


I was quite amused to see the quaint gasoline station-like stand in the parking area. It turned out to be a pump where water from the onsen (hot spring) can be taken home. Coffee tastes good brewed with this natural onsen (hot spring) water!


Spring water available here

Spring water available here


23.Spring water pump

Spring water pump


Time passes beautifully in the hot spring and around the Takebe area, and the changing colors of the season allow for deep thought and reflection.


25.Takebe Town - Oil on canvass

Takebe Town – Oil on canvass


Day trips to Yahata Onsen are possible, as it is less than an hour’s drive from the Okayama city center and is easily accessible by train (JR line). The onsen has accommodation options available for guests looking to stay overnight or more, and a heritage house (now an inn) dating back to the Meiji era is within walking distance to the hot spring.


Aside from Takebe Yahata Onsen, a number of attractions and interesting places (the yogurt factory, a fish center and a collection of traditional toys and dolls from all over Japan) are within reach. It is recommended to stay at least one night to fully savor what the town has to offer.


Amazing scenery, fresh air, delicious cuisine and more make for a wonderful experience in Takebe town.



Discover this healing hot spring right in Okayama City.


Surrounded by nature ~ relax, recover and rejuvenate at Takebe Yahata Onsen!


510-1 Takebecho Takebekami, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture 709-3142



• 15 minutes on foot from Fukuwatari Station (JR Tsuyama line)*
• 50 minutes from JR Okayama Station*
*There is a bus (4-minute ride) that takes guests from Fukuwatari Station to the onsen, hourly schedule.

Car / Self-drive
20 minutes from Momotaro International Airport (Okayama) – via Route 53, 61, 71 or 72 on the national highway
45-60 minutes’ drive from Okayama City, on Route 53 on the national highway (Okayama Interchange)


Business Hours:

Hot spring (onsen) 10:00 – 21:00 (open every day)

Restaurant (open all week except Tuesday) 11:00 – 14:00



Onsen (hot spring):

Adults (12 years old and above) – JPY 660

Elementary school children JPY 400

Infants and younger children – free

Family / private bath:

JPY 2,000 (for 4 people)*, infants and toddlers – free

*for each additional person in excess of 4 – JPY500/adult, JPY400/child


Meals range from JPY 770 – JPY 1,350

Ice cream also available


Other Information:

The onsen (hot spring) has rooms available for day use or overnight stay.

The following properties are within 10 minutes’ walk from the onsen:

There is ample parking space on the onsen grounds for those coming by car.


Telephone: 086-722-2500


Website: (Japanese)



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