Oysters are one of the most fascinating flavors of winter.
Let’s go to Hinase area in an hour’s drive away from Okayama city center,
where you can enjoy the best fresh oysters not only in BBQ style but also in Japanese savory pancakes.

Bright, sunny weather and the clear blue sea welcomed us, and we found
ourselves so excited already.
An oyster pancake “Kaki-Oko” with plendy of large oysters cooked right in front of the guest was fascinating. Those oysters grown in the beautiful sea in this area are so plump and juicy and makeing “Kaki-Oko” one of Hinase’s well-known local specialties.

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The unique original sauce complemented it even more and made a memorable taste of it.

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Don’t miss this delicious experience only available in winter season.
Hinase area is also easily accessible by public transport.

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