Saidai-ji Okayama Fruits Farm Strawberry Picking


Winter is the best season for strawberry!!

But if you want to eat them as much as you like, it’s a little difficult to afford.

Thus, I usually plan special all-you-can-eat days for strawberry picking.

This is the first place we visited in this season.

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This place is hard to make a reservation because admission fee is cheaper than others nearby.
Here at Okayama Fruits Farm, not only can we enjoy picking without any time limit, but you can also re-enter as many times as you like even you go out to the farmers market and bakery outside the green house.

There is even a jungle gym for kids to play and get hungry again.


We made a reservation at 9AM so that we could enjoy as much as we wanted.

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Enjoy fresh strawberries in a warm and comfortable greenhouse while the cold wind blows outside.

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And, please don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.


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