Nishigawa Illumination 2020


On November 26th, as I was walking down the street, I just happened to see a Santa Clause dancing.
Going closer to the site, we found out that it was a middle of Nishigawa illumination 2020 lighting-up ceremony.
How lucky and happy we were, with such a wonderful opportunity to see Santa Clause still in November!
My children got presents from Santa Clause, and joined the lighting-up ceremony.
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During this pandemic, we have been keeping ourselves off from enjoyable crowded places or gatherings.
So this surprise came to our minds even more happily and impressively.
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On December 6th, we visited there again to walk along Nishigawa Ryokudo Park, and enjoyed the charm of Christmas atmosphere.
Beautifully shining illumination was really fascinating. It reflected on our eyes as well as our hearts.
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I hope you would take some time to go to Nishigawa Ryokudo Park before the year-end.
Wear a mask, and look back on how you went through this year, wishing for a happy next year in a beautiful Christmas mode.
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