Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen Snow park


Okayama is the land of sunshine. It is known for the delicious peach and sunny summers. But what if you find yourself traveling through Okayama in the cold winter? Is there any place recommended to add on some spice to your travelogues? Look no further!
Kyukamura, a resort located in Hiruzen-Kogen, Maniwa in North Okayama ranks at the top of the list of winter wonders in Okayama. To reach this location, the best way is to drive and reach by car. But for those who don’t have an access to a car, a long but comfortable journey by public transport is the best bet. You can get a bus to Katsuyama from Okayama station and get down at Katsuyama koko-mae bus stop. This bus trip will cost you 2,200 JPY. Then you can take the Maniwa community bus to Kyukamura Hiruzen-Kogen. The bus fare is 200 JPY and this is constant wherever you get down using this bus.

Not only is the destination beautiful but you will be mesmerized by the snow-covered landscape on the way towards the destination. Another recommended winter spot that falls in the bus route is Yubara onsen – an outdoor onsen to enjoy the snow views and warmth of hot spring at the same time.

The vast open ground in front yard of the resort is converted into a snow park for the visitors. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel you can access the snow park by paying the entry fee of 800JPY. If you want to rent a snow slide, you have to pay the rental fee of 500JPY for the slide. Just make sure not to lose the bands on your hand or you will have to pay the entrance fees again.

The snow park is a popular spot for families with kids.
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