Hina Matsuri


Hina Matsuri (or Hina Doll Festival) usually takes place in March. However, in the town of Ushimado, the people celebrate the health and happiness of little girls in September.
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They call the tradition “Hassaku”, which is an abbreviation of the first of August (in the old Lunar calendar).
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The tradition may have started due to the higher humidity in the port town, requiring the dolls to come out earlier from storage (to prevent mold).
The town’s homes and shops are all beautifully decorated with dolls, drapes, and other trinkets, making for a picturesque scene.
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Locals also make Shishikoma, which are cute sea creature figures made out of rice dough and coloring.
These are edible and typically baked afterwards for all to enjoy.
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The Hassaku festival is typically held during the first week of September, so check it out before it ends!
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