Okayama’s local Shopping street


2019’s Golden Week started in May, which, usually consisting of several consecutive holidays, has given the people as long as 10 consecutive holidays for this particular year. It is the time for a change of the imperial era from Heisei to Reiwa, and many events were held to cerebrate it in every corner of the city. Local shopping streets in Okayama were no exception. They opened the space for a variety of events from May 3rd to May 5th. Here I would like to introduce Omotecho shopping street.
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Tenmaya, which is Okayama’s prestige department store, displayed their own discounted items. And other stores along the street were also having their own sale. Many kinds of tasty foods were also available.
There are newly opened restaurants or shops with tasty food all along the street.
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You can also find a fortune-telling house, a shoes-making-experience shop or artificial flower stores as well as traditional Japanese sweets houses.
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The street is full of enjoyable and appetizing spots, and you can surely have fun on your visit.
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