Okayama Castle Kimono Fitting


Okayama Castle is located to the south of Korakuen Garden, across the Asahi River. In contrast to the white-walled Hakurojou Castle of Himeji City, the defining feature of Okayama Castle is the black lacquered outer wall which has earned it the names Crow Castle (Ujo) . The castle was the seat of power of the Okayama Domain during the Edo period, and are now nationally designated ruins. While the castle keep and Ishiyama-mon structures, which were built approximately 650 years ago, were destroyed during World War II, the majority of the structures that can be seen today were rebuilt 130 years ago. The castle remains from that time are maintained as Ujo Park.


I went together with my daughter to Okayama Castle, and, looking up at the tall and magnificent stone walls, and climbing the rough stone stairs, I was able to give her a sense of the history of the site. One other enjoyable aspect of the site was the free kimono fitting available inside the facility. Having been fitted with a kimono by the staff of the kimono fitting corner, I looked in the mirror and was amazed by my own appearance; I looked just like I had changed into an Edo period princess of Okayama Castle.


The charm of Okayama Castle is not just found in its extensive history or magnificent architecture, but I think the kimono fitting also offers the chance for everyone to make other enjoyable memories.



From Okayama Station, ride the Okayama tramway towards Higashiyama for 5 minutes. Get off at Shiroshita and walk for 10 minutes.
20 minutes by car from Okayama Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway.





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