shizutani Bizen Matsuri


On October 20 and 21, 2018, local Okayama potters and potters from England held a Bizen art festival at Shizutani School.

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At the event, you can enjoy a beautiful art gallery held within the Shizutani School building, tents full of Bizen art products, and a unique hands-on experience with Whichford style pottery.

This was the first time in Shizutani School’s history that there was an art gallery within the school. The amazing architecture, combined with the priceless art, makes for a sight well worth the commute.

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Please visit the Bizen Art Festival next year at Shizutani School. To get to Shizutani School, take the local train from Okayama station to Yoshinaga station. From there, grab a city bus to Shizutani School (costs 200 yen, takes about 15 minutes).

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