Octopus Fishing


Every autumn, I take my children octopus fishing. It is a very fun and easy activity, especially since there is no need to touch slimy feeds or worms.


Octopuses are born in the spring, and at autumn, they gather at the seabed to look for food. Octopus can be fished all over Japan, but in Okayama, they are very populous along the coast of Kasaoka District. For this reason, many people come to fish from the end of September to October.


We left our house in haste, in hopes of getting a good fishing spot. Once we arrived at Kasaoka, the fishing commenced. First, you tie a colorful lure on the fishing line. Then, you throw it with all your might, and let the lure sink to the bottom of the sea.


Next, you drag the lure across the seabed about three times. Soon you will feel a heavy tug on your string which tells you, more often than not, that you caught an octopus or even a group of them. Apparently, the octopus clings onto the lure, as if to hug it.


Close your eyes and feel the tug on the fishing pole solely with your hands, and it is as if you are on a hunt for treasures hidden at the bottom of the sea. Because octopus fishing does not require much technique or patience, it is enjoyable even for beginners.


After a while, we all realized that we are quite hungry. Luckily, Kasaoka is also famous for Kasaoka ramen, made with an aromatic soy sauce-accented broth made from chicken or fish stock with a blend of vegetables and fruits. While most ramen are typically topped with chashu (sliced pork belly), Kasaoka ramen is topped with cuts of chicken they call “Kashiwa chashu.”


When in Okayama, you must visit Kasaoka to experience octopus fishing and taste Kasaoka ramen. I am certain you will enjoy them!


You can also enjoy octopus fishing along Ushimado Coast located in Setouchi City. There are about thirty ramen shops and restaurants that serve Kasaoka ramen in Kasaoka City.


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