Hot Springs

Okutsu Onsen -The rejuvenating hot spring-


Surrounded in Chugoku Mountains and the limpid streams of Yoshii River, Kagamino-cho is home of Okutsu Onsen, one of the three renowned hot springs in the Mimasaka District.


The clear water of the Okutsu Onsen consists alkaline, which has a skin-whitening property. Widely known as “Bijin-no-yu” (hot spring of beauty), soaking in this hot spring is said to whiten and smoothen the skin.


When you soak in the hot spring, you can feel your body warm up to the core. It is a perfect way to refresh and recover from the fatigue of daily life. Once you get out of the water, you will notice how silky and smooth your skin has become. Experiencing this made me want to take some of the water home and even made me envy the people who live nearby.


Okutsu Onsen is also famous for “foot washing,” an old tradition in which laundry is done by stepping, in the river right under the Okutsu Bridge. It is said that this was practiced back in the day to keep watch for wild animals such as bears and wolves. You can experience foot washing on Sundays and holidays from March through December, which is another way to enjoy your time at Okutsu Onsen.


Right near Okutsu Onsen is “Mich-no-eki,” or Roadside Station. Roadside Station is similar to a rest area for expressways, except it also sells locally grown products and special goods. At this Roadside Station, there is a buffet restaurant that serves various dishes made with vegetables and edible wild plants locally grown in Kagamino-cho. This restaurant is very popular amongst those who want simple foods with the home-made taste.


Come have the time of your life by relaxing in Bijin-no-yu and tasting local foods in the grand nature of Okutsu Onsen.




Ride the bus bound to Okutsu Onsen for 60 minutes from Tsuyama Station on the JR Tsuyama Line. Get off at Okutsu Onsen.
30 minutes by car from In-nosho Interchange from Chugoku Expressway.

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