Candle Festival (Candle Night)


A romantic event called “Candle Night” was held in Nishigawa Park on the evening of the 5th of May. About 3000 candles were displayed in various ways, illuminating the path along the river.
The event started at 5 pm, and it was still light outside when I arrived there at about 6. After 7, it got dark around the area, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the candle light.
There are candles displayed in a shape of cake. In a heart-shaped display, people were able to actually step into the display to take pictures.
And people also enjoyed walking along for about 100 meters with a candle with a handle on their hands. I was happy that I was able to actually participate in this event to fully enjoy it.
I walked along a foot path in a certain atmosphere created by the candle light and nice river breeze in May. It is really a memorable day to me.

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